man or machine?

February 12, 2007 1:04pm CST
who rules the world. man/machine. the machine which was prepared by man did not obey his words. then who rules the world?
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@AKRao24 (25455)
• India
12 Feb 07
Undoubtedly the man rules the world and he will remain to do so. What ever machine he can produce, but one thing is definitely there that he can never produce which is not even near equal to Human brain. All the machines what he is preparing has to obey his orders and they are doing so. Even some Machines they are not lkistening to Human beings orders , then there also another human being's mind has involved to make the machine to act so.Man is making the machines to act in a particular fashion, which he wants them to be! Thats all but Machines they don't have their own thoughts and logics like Human brains. Their memory, thoughts and logical reasonings are very limited and hense we really need not worry that machines will rule us one day!
@AKRao24 (25455)
• India
14 Feb 07
Dear Friend, It seems you are forgetting aout the Countries where still people work with their bare hands instead of Machines, they are also Human beings! Well the situation what you are putting up may be seen in future, only in advanced countries where there has been advancement of technology because of Industrial revolution, beacuse of Instrumentation and controls! But the countries which are in primitive stages will take along time to reach the stage of simple automation! Laziness is the vice, which can be affordable ony by rsourceful man not by all! Well ! My point was whats so ever advancement we may achieve, the machines can't think like Human brains as so far no scientist could tudy our braind in details and many of scientists hypothecates that we are not even using 50% of our brains today!