can this valentine change for better?

February 12, 2007 8:55pm CST
February 14TH is coming with love . Most of the lovers are already planning for the day. What gift to give, where to meet,what to do to make the day more romantic than any other days? Why and how is Valentine's Day celebrated? No one quite knows, why it is celebrated, but it surely makes a big difference in life of lovers.This is the most important day for lovers. They all go mad in love on this day,and can think of nothing but how to please their beloved. It is recorded that business of jewelry takes a big jump during February. So does the business of flowers,candies and cards. Every other gift that can be thought of is bought across most of the countries of the world and is sent to the beloved. What about others? Valentine's Day may be the most important day for those in love. What about others? Let us take a look at today's world. Wars, terrorism, fear, murders, and every other destruction that can disturb a peaceful life is the norm. Open a newspaper, watch news on television or read it on Internet, the disturbing news is getting predominance. It depresses the common person in the world. Isn't it? What does a common person think of the future of such a world? Can anyone be optimistic? Can anyone visualize of peace dawning around the world, countries co existing in peace with each other and no ethnic wars being fought anywhere?
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@kunalvijan (3418)
• India
13 Feb 07
yes... valentine is meant for those who loves to someone not girlfriend to anyone even to their parents