i lost my earning!!!!

@LeYaHaNn (100)
February 12, 2007 9:05pm CST
i was a member of mylot for about 5 days ago, i have earned .14 cent for about for 2 days, i don't visit my account for 3 days and when i checkeD today I NOTICE THAT A COUPLE OF CENTS ARE LOSSING.... WHAT WAS HAPPENING?????????
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@emquinsat (1059)
• Philippines
13 Feb 07
You're not alone. My earnings dropped down again. From $12 and something cents. Now its back $11.32. That the hell is happening. Twice in a week??? If myLot doesn't want to pay us then by all means... All my efforts have gone down to waste!!! To think I am posting more than 5o discussions daily for the past 3 days. Im only getting less than a dollar for that. But why the hell are they doing this. I mean... I stick to the topics posted by people with high reputation here. The topics that I think aren't just duplicates... This is so frustrating. I've emailed myLot already. I did it twice and I haven't received any replies. Not a single word. I mean before when I lost some money from my account I remember my responses going down. I mean the number of responses I've made. This happened twice yet this time, the number of response I've made didn't go down. That the heck is happening?
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@kunalvijan (3418)
• India
13 Feb 07
Thats true.. I have also suffered with this for two times... Today also they deduct 2 cents from my a/c. and past few days they have deducted 5 cents from my account
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