Its Importance

@sherred (123)
February 12, 2007 10:43pm CST
We all know that people of today are fun of many things like doing some exercise, watchin' TV, playing computer, surfing that net, and reading books of Great Authors. As a Christian we sometimes forget to read the Bible. Many of us are saying why do we need to read that it just a waste of time, and they say that "We can't understand the meaning of it... For me Giving some quality time for reading the Bible is important, its like its your guidelines or somewhat leading you to the right way. It lead or tends us to reflect of what we have done. Many People or children today doesnt know what is a "bible"... The Bible is the word of God and all christians must know how it is important for their Spiritual life. Many People tends to read the Bible and have different interpretations about it, it leads to different beliefs and customs. it said in the Bible that we should ask for the guidance of God on how we will understand HIS word because the Word of God is very difficult to understand. I ask many people do they love God? They answered "YES"... If you love God do you read His words? Their answer were "...." silent... Heheheheh!!! Me myself I have a hard time doing it. But its our obligation to read His Word. If sometimes we felt very down, and no solution for it. There is something you can do, spend some quality time in reading the Bible and you know what there is someone who can help you it is God... Bible is something holy that can encourage you to go on and have a good life... and always remember people that Jesus Loves you...
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• Australia
25 Feb 07
Life cannot survive without food. Spiritual life cannot survive without spiritual food. The Word of God is my daily food and my constant sustenance. I would be nothing without it for it reveals to me the plan and purpose of God and His will for my life. I delight to spend the first one or two hours of my days reading His Word and being taught of Him and communicating with Him. I could not face the day without this special time.