Call center jobs--are people working there only after the salary?

February 12, 2007 11:02pm CST
Call centers have rapidly boomed here in our country and you can see them everywhere. However, call center jobs seem to reflect negative impressions on most people. Like they say that if you work in a call center,you will become stagnant,there's no growth for you..The only reason that people work in a call center is because it's very easy to apply in one and the salary is good.They say that you're more like playing rather than working because of the usually good bonding between the people working there and the workload is just very light. For people who have experienced or is working in one, what do you feel or say about this? If you are going to answer in honesty, would you agree to these remarks or not? I think these negative impressions about the call centers can affect the people working there also. I was also once offered to work for a call center but i refused it because i was afraid that it might be true and im really not comfortable working in graveyard shifts.
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@applsofgld (2506)
• United States
15 Feb 07
I worked at a call center, and I can tell you we had no time to play. You might once in awhile have a slow period where you can speak to someone near you for a moment or two. But the money you make, you earn. It is very stressful, you are constantly being monitored, rushed, you go from one call to the next and are expected to type in your notes and write your notes as well and do all this in 30 seconds or less, or they yell at you across the room that you are over your time limit, rush rush rush, but do a good job. I loved it, b/c the time went by quickly, but I earned every dollar I made.
• Philippines
14 Feb 07
hi!!! well, working for a call center has it's pros and cons just like any other jobs. My first job was for a call center and until now I'm still enjoying it (2 yrs at work). I can't really compare it to corporate jobs but as far as I know and I've experienced the word STAGNANT career is not true. Well that is if you choose to. Unlike banking or other corporate jobs, promotion in a call center doesn't take 2-5 years before it happen. You don't have to wait for your manager to die or resign to move up. Because of the booming industry career growth is very feasible. What's good about it is that you don't have to lick your boss' as@ just to get a higher position. You can apply for it and if you're qualified... you're in. For my company, or maybe in some.... agents would probably want to stay in their position because the responsibility is only within their calls and they get higher pay especially with a great performance. On the other hand if you choose to move up to a higher position, salary increase wouldn't be that overwhelming, but if you're after your career growth you can set the salary increase aside and focus on the priveleges of additional trainings, certification and experiences that will add up to your credentials and would give you a higher market value if you move to another company.
• Canada
13 Feb 07
Yes I would agree with what you said especially about affecting the people that are working there . I work for a call center and can say it is definitely not playing and can be very hard work especially with the abuse you have to put up with . The people you have to call are not very friendly and you never know from call to call what type of person you are getting on the other end of the line . It is actually a very stressfull job even though in relative terms what you are doing is not hard . It is the fact that people do not look at this as a real job , can be very mean or unpleasent when you call them , will say things that you never expected to be heard in your life and on top of all this you have to put up with the way the rules are always changing , what you do one day is considered wrong the next day and what you were told to do one minute is not what you will be told the next by the next person , so you never know if you are going to be called in to the office because of something you thought you were doing right . Where I work over half the building is already on stress leave and the rest of us are not far behind . People don't realize that like everything else in life someone has to do this job weather they agree with it or not .
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@limcyjain (3523)
• India
15 Feb 07
I agree that people join call centre jobs for money but if one says there is no stress at job i dont think so. I feel that employers wont be paying you for nothing if they are going to reward you well they are surely going to get a good amount of work from you.