@shekharj (296)
February 13, 2007 1:01am CST
do u believe in ghosts? have u ever seen any spirit? if yes, plz express u'r views. i'm not sure whether i believe in ghosts or not. sometimes yes and sometimes not. i've heard that most of the germans deal with evil spirits. is it right?
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• Philippines
13 Feb 07
For me, i don't believe in ghost but in evil spirits or demons. They are just fooling us.
• United States
13 Feb 07
I don't know abot German people, but there is good and there is evil., and yes i belive in ghost. I have seeing them, unfurtuanly. I also had feel their present. No I am not a witch and I don't do any funny stuff, why me . I don't know a few days ago I was watching Tv and my daugther was standing on the door of the living room. I saw a white showdow crossing around and I ask her to move, before that she can say why, my little dog sasha started to bark on that direction non- stop. she jump and asked me what happen, why sasha is barking and you asked me to move. she also got really scared. I told her what I saw. The next day my clining lady came in, and I explained to her what happen, I told her I was going crazy, I was seeing things she is from south America, she told me that if it was white was good is when is black that you should worry about. I don't know what she meant with that, but it really scared me. I pray to God and read the bible. But if you ask me I don't know what I saw and why but for know I can say it was a ghost.