United States
February 13, 2007 1:04am CST
is camping one of your hobbies? where do usually camp and your activities during camping?
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@emeraldisle (13139)
• United States
24 Feb 07
Well I haven't gone camping in a long time but I used to really enjoy it. My favorite place to camp was in Canada around the Georgian Bay. The area was just beautiful. We did the usual activities of camp fires, cooking over the fire, swiming, hiking, things like that. Nothing fancy just getting out into the fresh air and enjoying the world about us.
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@Bev1986 (1425)
• United States
21 Feb 07
We camp at three different places each summer: First, we own a hunting camp with my brother. It's in the middle of the woods with no electric or running water. Very rustic. We spend one or two weekends a year there as a family, but hubby and my brother spend more time there during hunting season. I like going there when I want to totally get away from everything! Second, we share a camper at a campground with hubby's family. We all take turns using it during the summer. We enjoy that because we get to take part in the campground activities and the kids have lots of fun swimming, hiking and riding their bikes. Third, we tent camp over the 4th of July every year with a bunch of relatives from out of state. We go white water rafting as a group, and camp for 4-5 days.
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@hoffin (30)
• Australia
16 Feb 07
Yes, camping is one of my hobbies....I live in Australia and I camp both along the coast and in the countryside.In this country, we have the weather to camp for most of the year except for about 2 months in the middle of winter. When I go camping, the mobile phone stays off and the books come out....most relaxing!
@hmbw_24 (407)
• United States
13 Feb 07
hi, yes we are a camping family ,we usually try to go several times a year. we usually go to campgrounds that are near (but not too close, so we still feel like we are going away) to out home. we have two boys we camp on a lake and fish, play horseshoes, badmitton, catch with the foot ball or baseball. our favorite campground has great walking trails! they also have 2 parks. and a creek that is big and beautiful and you can canoe down. i think we are so lucky to have such a great place nearby. cant wait for the weather to warm up,just thinking about it makes me ready to go!
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@Thoroughrob (11748)
• United States
13 Feb 07
Yes, it is. We have a camper at a campground. We go there almost all summer. We love going swimming, fishing and doing some of the activities that the campground puts on.
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• Netherlands
9 May 07
My family go camping always every summer. Normally we'll headed to South of France but last year we try Italy. Since w're not allowed to go on wild camping (set the tend any where you like), we have to build the tent in special camping area. In a way, it's pretty nice because then they have security to watch your belongings. And last year we decided to buy a "pop up" tent. You can just set up your tent in 5 minutes, makes camping more fun. And normally our activities....explore the country and their attractions.
@dinkle (67)
• United States
9 Mar 07
Being a Boy Scout, camping is one of my favorite things to do...We camp all over new mexico, sometimes further, While camping, we do basically everything, we've built catapults out of a few logs....basically everything u can think of!
• United States
2 Mar 07
I live in California and usually camp in Pismo or Santa Cruz, but we also camp at a variety of places, too. It's one of our favorite things to do as a family. While camping we fish, hike around, sit in front of the fire and drink and talk all night long! It's awesome, I love it! I love trying new places to camp at, any suggestions??!!
@cafay1 (257)
• United States
23 Feb 07
I love camping. I look forward to someday being a full time RVer. We live in upstate NY and there are amazing camping areas here. We have a permenent spot at one campground and we have relatives that join us through the summer. This makes it great when the weather here is less than cooperative. We go fishing and hiking and general sight seeing.