how was naruto able to live before he became a genin?

February 13, 2007 1:47am CST
naruto's an orphan but he's got a house. he seems to be just living off of instant noodles but it doesn't look like he's doing too badly. he's able to attend the academy and everything. i think that maybe his family has left him an inheritance so that's how he was able to live but still, i find it quite odd that nobody talks about it. i mean sasuke has also been orphaned by his brother but since the uchihas were a prominent family, i think it's quite safe to assume that sasuke has been left with loads of money. nobody mentions the uzumakis at all so i don't know if his family was rich enough to leave him enough money to support himself until he becomes a genin. did he receive some sort of allowance from the hokage? the kyuubi is inside of him afer all, so the government should at least have taken care of him since he's unstable and all.
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• Puerto Rico
7 Mar 07
That's a good question and one I have asked myself also.I wish things like this were cleared up in the series,especially about Naruto's origin so that way we can now if Yondaime is his father or not.
@idreams (117)
• Australia
18 Feb 07
that's a very interesting question, one that i had thought about at the beginning and then simply forgotten about it. but it's not just a question of how he got the money, there's also the question of who took care of him. everyone hated him coz he's 'evil' doesn't that mean that there wouldn't be anyone who would willingly take care of him? i mean, he can definitely take care of himself now, but back then, when he was still a baby, he still needed people to change diapers, feed him, teach him how to tie his shoelaces and so on. hmm... now that i think of it, there's also the question of schooling. yes, he went to ninja school, but you only learn ninja stuff at ninja school, what about maths and reading and writing and history and all those subjects that we were suppose to take when we were little? where do they fit the time in for those? coz looking at konohamaru (the hokage's grandson) they start ninja school at kindergarten age.