Could the fact that man is imperfect mean that God is too?

@sharone74 (4838)
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February 13, 2007 2:01am CST
If we are the children of and made by God in his image, might the reason that mankind is imperfect is because at one time God struggled with the same imperfections or small (for him) imperfections which he may or may not have aged and evolved his way through, and if God is imperfect to some degree more or less so than we human. As far as it concerns us is he deemed perfect simply because he is our creator. And was He always perfect or was it something he aspired too?
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13 Feb 07
If God wasn't perfect, He wouldn't be God. Actually, in our pure state of conscioussness, we are perfect, too. We've just forgotten who we are, we've forgotten who God is, and our relationship with Him. We have the freedom to chose, and if we chose to forget who we really are, and who God really is, than that's what makes us imperfect. Also, we need to examine the word "perfect," and how relative it is in this material world. When we are in a pure state of consciousness, and we possess full knowledge of ourselves and of God, then that is perfect. God is aspiring to help us to remember our relationship with Him, and every day of our life, we can see that, and feel that inside ourselves.