It pays to be honest

@cashnono (1135)
Hong Kong
February 13, 2007 2:07am CST
“You can trust nobody except yourself”, we always see this subtitle in the movie. It does reflect one overcast facet of our society. As a matter of fact, dishonesty has swarmed into our lives. To name only a few, pirate DVD products have dominated the film market; we don’t possess intimate friends and we always, worst of all, lose the sense of security. Shall we indulge ourselves in this situation without any concern? Absolutely, no. For one thing, honesty is a traditional virtue of our Chinese offspring. Looking back on the past, we have got an army of heroes who dedicated themselves to the government because of their sense of honesty and loyalty. For another, honesty is conduce not only to yourself but also to other fellow citizens surrounding you. Undoubtedly, honesty could sharpen your competitive edge in the process of job-hunting. Moreover, it will, combined with passion, play a positive role in the modernization course of our country. All above-mentioned interpret the significance of being honest. As an individual, I hold the attitude that it pays to be honest. We will exert ourselves on propelling this merit until it is universally recognized.
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