Friendship Encouraged Me

@cashnono (1135)
Hong Kong
February 13, 2007 2:40am CST
If you have a friend, yon'll feel happy; if you have a bosom friend, you'll feel rich; if you have a friend who gives his hands to you in emergency, you'll feel lucky. Thank God, I'm a happy, rich and lucky girl. During my life, friendship is the most valuable wealth and unfading memory. 1998, my hard year. Because of lay very poor health, I had to remain in hospital. But it was my second year at high school! I worried about nay study and my future. What I felt was not only pain, but despair. Just then, my friend -- a politics teacher in my high school -- came to my rescue. As far as I know, this old man is also a famous lawyer with busy practice. But he gave up his practice more than one year and taught me in the hospital almost every day. He gave me both knowledge and the faith in the future. With his help, I overcame the difficulty and became a college student. I couldn't express my thanks in words, because he did too much for me. He told me that he felt happy to light a path for me and wished me to have a brand-new future. I was lucky enough to have such a good friend. I love and respect him. In my heart, he is ray teacher, ray father, and above all, my best friend forever.
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@ukchriss (2097)
14 Feb 07
You are very luck to have found a true friend like that. True friendship is sometimes hard to find, For some, the defining moments of friendship are profound, such as the soul mate who helps you through the grief of losing a family member or camps out in your hospital room when you're sick. For others, it's smaller gestures — the friend who talks for hours when you're feeling alone, even if it means going staying up all night, the one who helps you with your homework, even when she hasn't done her own; or the friend who helps you search for your something which you lost, even when it means going through the garbage! Acts of Friendship, Big or small, it's actions that seem to count the most in friendship. In a time when we can chat effortlessly by IM and email, talk is getting cheaper. The evidence of true friends is what they do to show their loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, or willingness to make a sacrifice when you are in need of help A true friend always understands you, even when you're not talking, so what we often look for in a best friend is wisdom and good judgement as well as friendship.…
@mimatexas (1818)
• United States
14 Feb 07
He surely is a true friend! You don't find many true friends these days! We count them with the fingers of one hand only. God blessed you with this friend. How sweet of him to give up his practice to teach you, that was remarkable!