Do you think the government should be able to ban everything?

United States
February 13, 2007 2:40am CST
In New York Trans fats have been banned making it impossible for Mc donalds to make their famous french fries the same way they have for many many years! Smoking has been banned in entire states even outside! They are trying to pass a law that says movies with people smoking in them are automatically rated R. In California they are trying to ban Spanking your child. and smoking in your own car! Do you think it is right for the government to be in control of so many things? I think if I want some McDonalds french fries while smoking a Cigarette in my own vehicle I should be able to! When do you say enough they have gone too far? People say they won't ban Alcohol but they did it in the past! When will we say no more? we have rights,are we ever gonna fight for them again? or let the government take over?
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• United States
14 Feb 07
I agree that the gov't is going too far. I have a set of parents already, and am ready to parent my own children. There are consequences to our choices, and while I'm a little less sympathetic to smokers who smoke in the car with children, choices that only effect the chooser should be hands off to the gov't. Don't they have enough other things to worry about? Like crime? The economy?
• Grand Junction, Colorado
14 Feb 07
I live in California and you are correct they are trying to ban spanking of children under the age of 3. No smoking in cars I believe is already passed and it's if you have children in the car you can't smoke. I agree that the government goes to far. Although, even though I smoke I didn't need a law to tell me not to smoke with my children in the car. Never did, nor my home. We haven't been able to smoke in bars, restaurants ect for many, many years. As for movie theaters I can't remember how long that has been. We do have certain towns where you can't smoke outside also. To far indeed, can't smoke outside. Just my 2 cents worth! Good luck here at mylot!
• Grand Junction, Colorado
22 Feb 07
Thank you for the award! :)