dog snores

@jep_toyo (1607)
February 13, 2007 5:08am CST
Is there any reason to be concerned about a dog who snores?
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@bluishrose (2291)
• Philippines
28 Jun 07
I thought its weird when dog snores, my dog snores too and its kinda loud. I find it funny when i hear him snoring. At least now i know its common for dogs to snore =)
@jep_toyo (1607)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
i find it strange too... since this will be the first time that i am letting a dog sleep in my bed... ^_^ so i kinda end up watching her when she's sleeping... and laugh whenever she snores... GOD!!!! what i am doing with my life! I think i need to find a partner.... or else ill end up with my dog... geeshhh... just kiddin... lol ^_^
@dbhattji (2507)
• India
15 Jun 07
No there is nothing to worry about. Dogs anatomy and physiology is just like human, the reason for there snoring is also the same as in human beings.
• Philippines
14 Feb 07
No I dont think there should be no reason to be concerned when dogs snore..They are just tired that is why they snore.
• United States
13 Feb 07
lol. Nope. Dog snoring for me isn't unusual. Living back with my parents, we had a dog she'd snore all the time. And when I moved in with my sister and brother-in-law, I found out their dog snores as well. It's kinda funny isn't it? Nothing to be concerned about though.