right now.. i hate it!!!

February 13, 2007 5:13am CST
i hate this month.. all i can hear is love songs here.. love songs there and love songs everywhere!! gosh!! valentine date here.. valentine date there.. valentine date everywhere!! my headaches when i remember that not a single person asked me out!! even the senior student from school that i expect to ask me out to be his date on their seniors prom did not ask out!! would you expect me to be happy? of course not! how can i be happy if i feel that nobody dared to asked me for a date! not one! i really hate this.. i don't even have a boyfriend to be with this valentines day.. its so horrible.. no one seems to like me.. even the person that i love.. i feel so cold, feels so numb that I'm having nightmares when I'm awake.. help me lord, fight this loneliness, take this pain away!! i feel so lonely.. even if im with the people that used to make me laugh.. why is this happening to me? what have i done to deserve this?! am i so mean? other guy thinks im a tomboy.. but really.. im not!! im a girl!! im one of a kind!! when is the time that i can feel someone loving me the way i love him.. when will it come??...
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@Redkitty (480)
• India
13 Feb 07
whenever do think about love or do u love any person?first u know about love