My account is continuing to decrease

@carlomeno (1086)
February 13, 2007 5:41am CST
Each day that I go to myLot, my account is decreased. Yesterday afternoon it was 11.19 $, this morning 11.03 $. What is happening? Are they continuing to delete discussions and decrease the accounts? It is not good to see the account decreasing in this way.
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@scooby_13 (176)
• Italy
15 Feb 07
My account decreased every day..
@istanto (8560)
• Indonesia
14 Feb 07
I don't know what is happening actually in myLot, I think they have problem with TO MUCH MEMBER. myLot should pay more if more people joined in here. :(
• Canada
13 Feb 07
mylot has been changing everyones earnings a lot lately. i wouldn't worry about 2 cents. some people lost al lot more than that. yesterday i lost more than a dollar. and now i'm getting annoyed at the fact that i do the same amount of posts a day and i've never made under a dollar before. i usually make 2 dollars a day and yesterday i made 70 cents for the same ammount of work. i'm not impressed right now. and for my pictures i usually make 50 cents and i didn't get paid anything for my pics yesterday.
@nitrodona (418)
• Italy
13 Feb 07
so bad situation! are you sure that your discussion follow the mylot guide to post? i hope that all will be solved and all the earning will return! i read lot of discussion like this and it's a little worrisome!!
@ESKARENA1 (18296)
13 Feb 07
it certainly seems that way to me. My money dropped yesterday and left me a whole 7 cents for the whole 12 hours i was active on mylot, i certainly felt demotivated as a result. I know they clean up the system periodically but i felt that i was being penalised because other people had written poor discussions. I even launched a discussion asking why i had been personally penalised and that discussion got deleted too. So my advice to you is to keep posting but be careful what you say and be careful who you say it too. blessed be have a good day