February 13, 2007 5:41am CST
hey.....i love dis subject vry vry much.can any body tell me hw cm i being a clinical psychologist.plzzzzzzzzz help me out.tell me nd guide me truly.
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@caribe (2465)
• United States
21 Mar 07
Try this link. It will give you a lot of information on becoming a psychologist. You will need to get a doctor's degree in psychology to have a practice as a phychologist.
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
you don't need a medical degree to practice psychology only if you want to become a psychiatrist.
7 Oct 09
Well, you really need to research Psychology as a whole, and the section you are really interested in. Then you, essentially need to find out about courses at Universities near you and really if you have the skills to become a Psychology student.
@oscar6 (1938)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I have a associates in psychology and am currently working on my bach. I would advise majoring in psychology, getting a bachelors and then you have to go on to grad school. Its going to be a long road to become a clinical psychologist. Most clinical psychologists have phd's or psych d's. So you will have to go to school for at least eight years.
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
psychology should be taken as a course. you may take the arts or science then you find the area of specialization and then practice. you can also have an academic research to enhance your knowledge.
• India
27 Mar 07
Psychology is a science related to the study of human mind. Iam not much interested in this subject. Bcoz i have a lot of psychic problems. So you please reaserch on it and try to solvle my problems