Did anyone see those hate signs the kids were holding up at the funerals?

United States
October 12, 2006 10:54pm CST
On Tyra today I saw the most amazing thing... children holding hate signs up at funerals. And Im not talking 12 or 13 year old, I mean 4 or 5 year olds. It was remarkable to me how these parents are raising their children to be so hurtful and unfeeling. They had this woman and her 2 girls who were adults, they were 19 and 20, and she had raised like 7 kids this way. She said that she was trying to save people from going to hell. That she loved these people so much that she was trying to save them.... yeah.... i know. It was mainly directed to homosexuals. She says in the Bible its wrong so they are going to hell. Well, I know that alot of people feel this way, I am NOT one of them, but some people do. However, they do not go around to people's funerals getting their MINOR children to hold up signs saying something to the tune of"Gays are going to Hell" or something, but it didnt say gays if you know what i mean. I really took offense to this being as my step brother is gay. I have a minor child and Im sorry but she will love him just as much as my other step brother because that is her uncle. I just couldnt believe how stupid and pig-headed this woman was and she really believed that she was right. I try not to down people's opinions even if its something negative towards another person for no appereant reason. I try to give them good reasons to not think that way and I hope that my speech gets through to some people, but I know that some people just arent going to change because they dont want to. But this was just mind bogoling to me. It still is. They showed a picture of the kids. And its not the kids faults, i know that. it really makes me want that law about people have to have a permit to raise kids take effect. i didnt like the thought of that when people would say"oh some people need permits to have children" because what if they took my daughter away because i like to dress in black dresses and die my hair bright red and black and i listen to rock music and wear black eyeliner, but seriously, i think i would rather someone take away these children from these monsters and give these children a chance to develop their own opinions instead of being forced to think a certain thing.... i dont know. im just really disgusted and haunted by this thought. what do you think?
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