This Too Will Pass

February 13, 2007 6:37am CST
This Too Will Pass. The above miraculous words are known to be uttered by wise men.Not clever or smart or ambitious or rich or learned, but wise men; Men who knew the art of living, possessed the skills to live the life in complete harmony with the crest and troughs they encounter. I found these words miraculously powerful and gives you a profound understanding of the existence.No. They are not meant to act just as a consolation when you are in the darkest times in life or as a phrase to cheer up some one.It also serves to bring the stick your feet to the ground when during the seemingly bright and colorful times. It has been uttered as a truth or a fact of nature ( you know like ..'Sun rises in the east' Or The Laws of Gravity...) You could apply this to any situation you encounter and will still hold true if you observe carefully.No kidding. Next time you are held up in a traffic jam , completely exasperated and at the point of pouring out the verbal 'lava' any moment now. Remember "This too will pass ".Understand these words in the current context .See what happens ,not the traffic jam,but yourself. See it till the end . See it through. Or if you have won a lottery of one million dollars and you are jumping like a drunken monkey in the bar.Again repeat these words -This too will pass- Understand these words in as applied to the immediate situation.Observe. As you read this post you might be wondering - What is this loon getting at? Well if you found it at least non -boring do share your experiences of applying this thought.... If you feel I got nowhere and the post was a worthless piece , junk...Well all I have to say is 'THIS TOO WILL PASS'....
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