Eto'o for Arsenal?

February 13, 2007 9:37am CST
Barcelona Superstar Samuel Eto'o had stated his deep admiration for Arsene Wenger, whilst confirming he has had the chance to join Arsenal before. " I love Arsene Wenger, he is one of the best coaches in the world," Eto'o told L' Equipe. Eto'o is also a great admirer of Thierry Henry and "dreamt" about being a partner with him in attack. This article can be found on the sky sports website under Arsenal. Post your views on this topic. Could Eto'o be coming to Arsenal in the summer?. Do we ( as in Arsenal) need him? Another event to further these claims is the bust-up at the Nou camp in Barcelona's match where Eto'o refused to come on as a late substitute.
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@zipman191 (381)
• Israel
21 Feb 07
Eto'o is Really good striker not only cuz he has good finishing also cuz he can play almost every kind of striker postions he can play 2nd and central striker he is fast and strong wich make him to be fittable to every playing style so its kind be intrestiung watching henry and eto'o when barcelona brought gujhensen the playing style of barcelona had lke liverpool's.1striker and balls comeing from wings, useing his jumping and his hightness he will have to score(gudjhensen/crauch)with his haeding skill. but gudjhensen not good as crauch or as eto so i think in the summer's trade gudhejnson will leave barcelona and eto will stay cuz no body can replace him.
@whitefox (1347)
• Italy
18 Feb 07
I think that Eto'o will stay at Barcelona
@danoneism (680)
• Malaysia
15 Feb 07
thats great if he join arsenal.. but i dont think he can perform like how he perform in the spanish league unless he manage to follow the gameplay of the epl.. well this league have different in gameplays.. in the spanish league u need a good player to win but in epl u need to play with creatuve tactics and a lot of teamwork inorder to win.. because of this different style many player from the spanish league didnt perform very well in the epl and same for the player from epl that joinned the spanish league... so if he join arsenal lets hope he can follow epl gameplay or its only a waste...
@kaka135 (14235)
• Malaysia
15 Feb 07
I heard this news from the radio this morning. Is Eto a really good player? Since you said, he's Barcelona Superstar, he must be really good, is it? But don't know if the superstars are good team players too. Real Madrid did have many superstars, same to England team, but they didn't seem to play really well, is it? Anyway, I'm happy to hear that he loves Wenger. haha~~ Coz I think Wenger is a really good coach too. ^_^
• India
14 Feb 07
I dont think Wenger would ever pay so much... I would love to see Eto playing alongside enry thats like a dream partnership.... I wish he comes to Arsenal.... Go Gunners!!!!!
• Malaysia
14 Feb 07
for some reason, spanish striker doesn't perform well in epl. morientes, reyes, kluivert for example doesn't produce goals as they did in spanish la liga. for that reason, i don't think eto'o will do arsenal any good. defender in epl is tougher and to some extent, crazier (as in tackling) than defender in la liga. that is why reyes is looking for a permanent move to spain. but seriously, we don't have any decent striker to replace henry yet. adebayor, van persie to me played best as support striker.