The Secret works! I've had money EVERY day...

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February 13, 2007 10:46am CST
...ever since I discovered The Secret last week. I watched Oprah last week. I NEVER watch Oprah. I watched the show on The Secret and had a "Wow!!!!" moment - an epiphany. I Googled it & found the movie online at Google. That 90 minutes has inspired me and changed my life already! I started with "Expect money in the mail". Now, let me state I have no side businesses, no stock, no investments...NO reason to expect money. But I believed and when I opened my mailbox, there were 4 envelopes there with money & gift cards in them!!!! Valentine's day gifts from my mother-in-law & sister-in-law. EVERY day since then (4 days so far....) I have had money or a package in the mail. Try this one: I decided that forgiving and letting go of anger & past hurts & conflicts was in my best interest. I prayed & reflected & found all of the positive things about someone who I was previously conflicted with. Then I opened my email. SHE sent me a gift certificate to a bookswap website that she loves & she knew I would like. I attracted that by having positive feelings and thoughts about her. I just got an email from my sister. I found money for several family members online but there wasn't any for her (yet!). She was bummed and said "why isn't there a million out there for us?" and other negative thoughts. I immediately hit Reply & began to share with her. Then I hit the ESC key accidentally. That was new. So I rewrote the email...and it happened again! So I asked out loud "What should I do?" and the answer was "Call her". I put my far aside (of being ridiculed for being "new age") and called her. She listened and accepted what I was saying and by the time we hung up, I could hear it in her voice...hope. Excitement. A new way of looking at the situation. I can't wait to hear what she attracts to herself today :)
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15 Nov 09
That is great! How did you focuss on expecting money in the mail?
• India
1 Aug 09
that really nice thing to hear. and i am glad it is working for you. I read about secret only a couple of months back. i will take some time out and read it fully. I do not have the video nor do I watch Oprah shows. Let me try it out and see what happens.
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9 Mar 07
That is absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the video and just picked the book up last night (I'm half way through it already.) Good luck in life. Namaste.
@sandie61 (2359)
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7 Mar 07
wow! that is really wonderful. I am glad it is working for you. I think I will have to check into getting the secret.