Rubbish Taxs !!

February 13, 2007 10:50am CST
Hey there. What are everyones thoughts on the new plans to tax us on our rubbish. Personally i think its crazy. You know every month i pay my council taxt, and the one thing i see every week that gets done that i pay for is my rubbish being taken out, so thats that little reassurance gone. And why does the polluttion get dumped on the consumer to pay for, should they not being in measures that force companies to rethink their pacaging policies helping us reduce the amount of household waste, especially if we will have to pay buy what we use. My next door neightboaur has never minded me using her bin before but now... it could be war. thoughts?
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@smacksman (6072)
13 Feb 07
I agree. Absolute madness. The government AGAIN preys on our good intentions to be responsible citizens by hitting us with a tax instead of reducing the waste at source. As said above - fly tipping will go mad!
13 Feb 07
I just think taxing rubbish will just lead to more people dumping rubbish in the countryside. It would be much better to reward people who recycle a lot as this will be a positive outcome an dis more likely to be popular.