Females bare more responsibility

February 13, 2007 10:50am CST
I am a male and no part of my ego is hurt when i say females bare more responsibility than males around the world in any circumstances ... but is the world really changing today, ... I've observed this lately that there is more of a feminist attitude or a female right fight has started around the world ... is that for good reason i believe Female has been given the responsibility of bearing a child by God, giving a birth to new life and building up a family, and males were there to protect and harbour the families ... but previous generations males who had an extreme orthodox view point somewhere used this points as female's weak points and because of that today the world is seeing rather a radical change in the attitude of the women around in the world ... yesterday i was talking to my GF and she all of a sudden started a female fight issue out of nowhere ... i was totally confused ... i dont know why she had to bring that point ... it was just too risky for her to go out at night so i said i could bring the thing that she required ,...., today every small issue has been addressed as Women's right issue
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@konduru (103)
• United States
19 Feb 07
I really appreciate your concern and conclusion towards woman....yes u are right womon are more responsible in life than man. Even though woman is equally leading man in all the ways but she has her own responsiblities to maintain the family,kids,job and other works.
• India
19 Feb 07
I totally agree with you ... that she has her own responsibilities to maintain the family, kids, job and other works and there is no question that she could do it as equally good or even better than their opposites ... but i also have a serious concern that now abilities have taken a competitive form, which at large and with a broader view has taken its toll over the peacefull relationships, Divorce rates have gone higher ever since, people today is more concerned about what they can do for themselves Somewhere i believe importance of Family bonding and Relationship has steeply gone down, today we see personal growth and advancement as a serious concern as compared to growth of the family bonding and relationship status do you agree