Running away from responsibilities

@pagibig (299)
February 13, 2007 1:13pm CST
Ok, i just want to rant. And well people here probably met somebody who just rans away from responsibilities. I was working when my aunt knocked on my door. There has been an accident, my uncle has been in a motorcycle accident. Basically, with that the whole 'compound' woke up. In my culture, when you say compound, it's a group of houses under 1 address. Basically in our compound, we have 8 houses, with 8 different families, under 1 address. My immediate neighbours are my relatives. Well back to the story, he had an accident and my aunt needed to go to the hospital to attend to him. Money is scarce and being a close-knit family, everybody tried to contribute a little to make up a whole lot. The story is this, my uncle was in his motorcycle on his way to pick up my other aunt from work. On his way, another motorcycle collided with him. The driver was drunk. Witnesses saw the other driver tried to run away. Now where i live, drivers of motorcycles have some kind of common bond, even if they don't know each other. The other drivers stopped the drunk driver. Fast forward, my uncle and the drunk driver was rushed to an emergency facility nearby. The drunk driver for the 2nd time tried to run away. A physician checked them and recommended my uncle to be rushed to a hospital. Why? Because his jaw was smashed and his knee was smashed. The drunk driver, nothing but a few scratches. He was unharmed. Came the police to sort things out, and the drunk started acting like he was the victim in this whole situation. We arrived just in time to stop the drunk from going home. We asked the police to detain him. Physician who checked him wanted to take him to the hospital, his wife didn't want to. Visually he seems ok, and there are times we catch him walking straight up without any worries, the moment they see us watching them he and his wife started their act again. They got a cab and all of a sudden the drunk can walk straight and fast. They walked so fast the police had to chase them. Eventually, they were detained and jailed. Basically because the drunk was driving under the influence and without a license. I just hate it. He caused my uncle those injuries and he has the guts to run away. He was unharmed but he didn't care about the other person in the accident. I just don't get it. How can people run away from their responsibilities? He had a responsibility to my uncle. I'm just ranting. I just hate what happened tonight.
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• Philippines
14 Feb 07
i hope all is well now with your uncle. there are a lot of persons out there like that drunk motorcycle driver you mentioned. so we must be very careful! my hubby experienced that. our car was hit with this car. apparently the driver was falling asleep while driving. after he went down to check on the damages he left his license and just run away. we later found out that the license was fake! luckily hubby remember the plate number and since we have some connections inside LTO, we traced the address of the owner of the plate number. hubby with his police friends went there, and that's just the time where that sleepy driver cooperate on the incident.
@cowgirl2701 (2081)
• United States
13 Feb 07
I hope your uncle gets better fast. I am happy that the drunk didn't get away. They need to make him pay for the damages he caused. He also needs to be punished for driving drunk and with out a liscense.