What do you do when depression get so bad it hurts?

United States
October 13, 2006 1:00am CST
I'm a victim of Katrina.My business is hurting because people are here working for 5.00 a hour i'm a lincence insured contractor with a mortage to pay and kids to raise I cant work for this$5.00 pay taxes and Insurance and make it.We did need extra help till we got on our feet.But they are hurting us that have lived here and had businesses and we made good money.To start loseing now has made me ill with depression ,stress, because everything I bid on there is 12 people in a van doing it alot cheaper.And there not from the USA.It makes you feel like giving up.
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@caribe (2465)
• United States
23 Oct 06
First, I would like to say I am so sorry for your losses in Katrina. You will get through this. Don't give up. Keep a journal and try to think one thing that happens each day that you are thankful for. Have you considered moving to another area that is not so financially destressed? Just remember that things will get better and this will be just a bad memory one day.
• United States
23 Oct 06
I, too, want to say how sorry I am for your losses because of Katrina. Caribe, that is a wonderful idea on the journal. I write in mine alot to help when things seems to get me down. I hope things get better for you soon.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
12 Nov 06
I am sorry to hear you had to go through all of that. {{{hugs}} When it's at it's worst is when you need to promise yourself You will get through this you will seek out the help you need, and you will work very hard to improve your life and situation, and view this instead of as a ending, but as a new beginning, a fresh start. See it as strong journey of growth. Take care! I hope life is getting better for you!.