Did you know you can make or buy personalized, t-shirts, bibs, magnets...

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@SKLC_PT (1234)
February 13, 2007 5:38pm CST
-If you want to buy t-shirts, magnets, beach bags and much more with original designs. -If you want to sell t-shirts, magnets, beach bags and much more with your original design. -If you just want to make something like a baby bib with a picture you chose. --If any of those apply you can do it at this site. ---Try the link out if you want to know more or even try it out! http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize?pid=5867325 [some of the things that can be personalized are: mugs, magnets, t-shirts, calenders, tracksuits, dog T-Shirt, bibs, infant bodysuit, caps, pillows, teddy bear with customizable shirt(good for personal valentine), clock, mouse pads, posters...] ----If you are already a member or have experience there then share your experiences!
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