Crackhead in the House...Again

@phatkat (113)
United States
February 13, 2007 7:32pm CST
But by the plea of my mother-in-law whom I adore, she funded the money to bail him out. I posted the bond, but made him take the 4 mile walk to the house so he have time to think about how cold (and it is cold) and harsh living on the streets without the means of support. When he made it to the house, I gave him his empty wallet and car keys so that he have a place to sleep, at least shed him from the chilling winds, unfortunately, I am more upset than I thought I was. The temperature was steady declining and all he had to coverup with is a bed sheet. I almost felt sorry for him,..almost. Then I thought about it, strong. Let him know the luxury of a soft bed, a warm body to lie next to, a hot dinner to eat, a woman to love, all of that versus sleeping in the cold. The next day I let him in to take a hot bath and get ready for work and he went. For those of you that have dealt with erratic behavior before, how long does the "It will never happen again,.I promise" last? What are the signs that crackhead in on the hunt for the next high? When it comes to detecting changes in behavior, I am a little dumb-ified. What advice can you offer,..was I stupid to open the door,.. or help a brother out and give him on last try?
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@Lavera1 (897)
• United States
15 Feb 07
I strongly believe, Phat, that you all ready know and have the answer to that question.
@phatkat (113)
• United States
18 Feb 07
Hubby is not only going to his regular job, but he has taken on a part time one as well. He has gone from a closet addiction to work-a-holic. Seems to me there is some pyshcological issues that needs to be dealt with.
@SplitZip (1489)
• Portugal
14 Feb 07
Each case is unique. I've known people who only get clean/sober after a long time (I'm talking decades). Others never do and eventually die in some horrible way. Some people make it on their own, usually when they hit rock bottom, as they say, others need help to break their addictions. You know the person in question better than anyone here, what do you think? Of course, if he's posing a threat to your child, then I'd say don't let him stay at your house. Help him if you can, but your safety and well-being comes first. Best of luck.