suddenly your bank informs u your account is credited with a million dollars!

October 13, 2006 1:42am CST
What do you do? How do you react? How do you go about spending the money?
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13 Oct 06
Hold the money for at least a year, don't touch a single bit, if after a year no eyebrows are raised I'd the moderately spend on. Although in reality Rolcams approach is the best, in the end bank's generally don't make mistakes and if they find out, they'll want every last penny back regardless of whether you have spent it or not.
• India
14 Oct 06
what if suddenly one fine day, the amount is shown as normal minimum balance? Dont you think the shock of your bubble bursting would put you in the loony bin?
@fedora (8)
• United States
13 Oct 06
finally no minimun balance fees!
@oriental (1051)
• Uruguay
13 Oct 06
Last year, my bank began allowing me to see my statements of account at the computer screen. The accounts of my parents, which I'm authorized by them to operate, were also there. So it was quite a long list what I could see. One day I linked to the bank's web site to check the balances of the accounts. To my surprise, there were accounts with a balance of millions of dollars. My bank is also the bank of the company where I worked and I was one of the employees authorized to sign cheques. Without giving me notice of it, the bank had included all bank accounts in which I had my signature registered. But for a few minutes I felt as being a millionaire.
@dellion (6703)
• Malaysia
13 Oct 06
Get my lawyerto check it out for me.