ahh .. the smell of cow patties. We all need to live so be happy while you do it

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February 13, 2007 10:07pm CST
I moved out here from a big city. Now there are cows out my front window and a cornfield out my back. i've always been enticed by the idea of homesteading and i cannot believe where i am now compared to five years ago. We lived in the city (as i said) and i was the soccer mom the taxi driver, married with the boy and girl and even a foster mom for a year or so. Very busy, fast life. alot of lawn mowin' and dog walkin'. And too much keeping up with the Jones'. i love it. I miss my family two hours away in the city. I miss my friends at my old office job. But ya know what it's worth it. When i get sad for these things i gave up, i look out my windows and remember why i'm here. I was 25, five years ago and thought that i had to stay with my husband because we were married. I thought i would "live" after the kids grew up. I look back and think, i knew i didn't love him even on our wedding day. we were young 15 and 16 when we met. I had a good paying job that supported us i couldn't give that up either i thought. Then i realized i'm too young to sign my life away like this. I deserve to be happy I had "done my time" (over 11 years with this man i didn't love) I can't live just to keep him from being hurt for another 11 yrs. I left my husband. Then i met a zippo slingin' beer drinkin' good ol' boy. I had more fun than i had had in years. I found ME when i left my husband. I also found the man i knew i would when i was a little girl. You give this MAN a roll of duct tape and a pocket knife and he could rebuild your engine. ") ok almost. He bought us a trailor and parked it smack dab in the middle of a farm (literally a friends farm). Don't ever think your life is so dried in concrete that you cannot follow your heart.
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14 Feb 07
Hi! I moved to a rural area with farming and packing plants, etc. Around here, they call that "the smell of money." :-)