friends and people which you get on with =)

February 13, 2007 10:26pm CST
Hey =) This place is a great site for making nice friends and i was thinking. How many of you guys request another member to a real friend? also what type people do you get on with? like or dislike please share. Those i added i'd like to get to know. I don't make the best effort but i'm still somewhat shy believe it or not. =) I personally i can get on with anyone who respects people and i'm not fussy. i love sports fans and fellow zombie manics or just people who like to talk. (i do) have you noticed yet? lol Feel free to share =) ~Joey
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• Philippines
14 Feb 07
yes I love to have nice friends here. I like people who are God fearing, has the likes of helping others grow or involve themselves in organizations that help the disabled. those people who wants to earn the right way thru hardwork and legal way of earning, meet new friends whom I can trust, share my dreams and be of hel to those friends wgho are in need of advices and just to chat with
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14 Feb 07
Hey jeraldanmarie, Thanks for sharing your pref for friends. It's very good place to find people like that, i'm already happy with the ammount of caring people i've met. (not only on my friend list) Kudos and thanks again for sharing. ~Joey
@jacton (272)
• India
17 Feb 07
hey its a nice posting from your site. I want to share sometjhing . here in Mylot generally we become member to earn some money for that reason we generally ask some silly question or answer some silly. But after a regular interaction with all mylotian with their valuable response then becomes close and close. I think my lot is 2nd largest community in web after Orkut. hey its my view only
20 Feb 07
Orkut actaully isn't as poplular as sites like myspace, mingleville, faceparty etc. i know you said your view, althouth i don't like it. =) although i agree mylot is becoming popular and beats these hands down in my opinion. Thanks, ~Joey
@lisa101 (1362)
• United States
18 Feb 07
Im enjoying my friends here very much. Its what keeps me here. I have wished i had some of you guy as real friends i could visit with, sometimes i get sad over it but atleast i can spend time with ya'll here.