February 13, 2007 11:40pm CST
People around here get illeagle tobacco brought here and sell it for profit.....they pay about $7 to $10 a bag....and sell it for about $30 to $40.....but now the goverment is seizeing all the tobacco brought here and alot of people are going to be put in jail for it......why can we buy it...smoke it...but can only bring maybe a bag or 2 across the border/ferry? The guy that sells the tobacco for $7 to $10 was pulled over and arrested for trafficing tobbacco...over $35,000 street value....The goverment is gettin way to greedy with taxes and thats why they are trying to stop the trafficing!....What do you think about this?....and do you think we should be able to bring how ever much we want accross the border/ferry?...and sell it if we want?...If not..why not?
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