Who Are Bloggers? Are They Asocial?

February 14, 2007 8:42am CST
Earlier it was not very clear to me. I mean when I first joined blogging. Blogging was just fun for time being. Gradually it became crystal clear to me. I got upon the notion that only a unique class of people are a breed of bloggers. These people are unique in the sense that their social behaiour is somewhat different. Or, they have been moulded this way. Then who blogs? I know some people spend at least 10 hours of their daily life in just blogging. Who can afford to spare so much time? Of course, those people who have not any permanent job and those people who have not to pay much attention to their daily chores. So, they spare so much time as they have so much disposable time. What they actually do in blogging. They just open out their hearts to fellow bloggers. Rarely they are not very sharp and serious in their thinkings. You cannot give serious thought over what are you posting. And it is not possible also. So who can devote their time and energy to blogging? Only a few of the population. They are asocial, they are lazy, they are mentally cretinic. And at the same time they are agoraphobic. They only live within their walls.
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