Ever seen this?

United States
February 14, 2007 10:42am CST
A mother smacking their child in the store? And I don't mean a pop on the bottom, I mean a hard slap! I can't stand that!
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@Monkeymia (206)
• Australia
19 Feb 07
I don't really like the idea of using force to discipline a child. If you are trying to teach a child right from wrong, physical force should be kept minimal. If your child hits another child, do you slap your child??? You are saying you can't hit people but as Im an adult, I can hit you. I know that the way you discipline your own child is your right an they way I discipline mine is my way and we all have a right to our own opinion but think about it like that. What is that doing to the child, it confused them. The child gets smacked fo hitting, it really contridicts the point of discipline.
• Canada
19 Feb 07
parents shouldn't be allowed to hit their child, its not right, i dont think i'd wanna see that happen, i'd probably cry for the child, if the mother will hit the child in public, can you imagin wat she does in the privacy of their home?!
@emarie (5447)
• United States
14 Feb 07
well, it depends on where the child was hit. it doesn't matter that much about how hard. it also depends on the reason the child was diciplined. i can sympathize because i'm a parent myself and i know that some kids need to be punished in public and somtimes you have to do it hard. most parents who have active children do know this. i always say, if you don't know, then don't judge too much.
@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
14 Feb 07
i cant stand it too. i am aganist of abusing the child in public place. instead of guiding or teaching anything it will only revert the perception of being punsihed and it will only provoke the negative attitude in the child. this is totally wrong..