Bank of America and Illegal Immigrants

United States
February 14, 2007 11:08am CST
I just found out that Bank Of America wants to issue credit cards to illegal immigrants. what is going on them, they must be out of their damn minds. they explained that they were issuing the cards to people with no solid credit history. WTF!! I had no solid credit card history until a year ago, I kept looking to get a credit card to build my damn credit and I had to go through so much because I never had credit. I never had any debts, but I didn't have any credit history, and now they want to give it to people who don't even have a Social Security Card? what's next are they going to give them my apartment as well because they need a place to stay. I was all for immigration until I heard this sh*t. I'm sorry, but if you're illegal, you need to go back to your damn country, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Americans that WILL do your job. I'm Latino, but I'm an american citizen. My mother didn't sneak into this f***ing country and have me so she could stay here. Damn it Bush
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@Smith2028 (797)
• United States
26 Feb 07
It isn't that Bank of America wants to issue them. They have been for over a year. Their only explaination is that they wish to be the foundation as "financial needs grow." While technically complying with the Patriot Act, all they require is a form of ID (this can be foreign) to get a card. This is the beginning of the end for us. Unfortunately, too many companies have begun selling out our great country. I plan to start a listing on here for each company that is selling us out and you'll see how extensive this really is.
@luzamper (1360)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
I have read and responded a while ago to some topics on illegal immigrants in the United States. And this adds to my understanding that US favors illegal entrants. It seems that they are sufficiently providing the illegals with what they need. There should be fairness. The illegals should not be given the favors at the expense of the true citizens there. I thought that only we the Filipinos are having such various many problems.
• United States
14 Feb 07
I agree about the illegal immigrants, even if it is an unpopular viewpoint. I have a first hand experience with it tearing apart peoples lives. My mother in law was married (or so she thought) for over 12 years to a man who she thought was a mexican man born in Texas. Not to long ago she found out that he was not who he said he was and that she didn't even know his real name or birthday. After that she could have faced getting in trouble with fraud charges, since she was involved in the house ect, that was obtained under a false name. The worst thing was having to tell her son that his father was lying to them all these years. Can you imagine telling your 15 year old son that his dad was not even who he said. And my brother in law was even named after his dad's fake name. This has just torn my husband family apart and all because this man lied. How can you just get married to someone when they don't even know your real name? How can you put someone elses future at risk like that? You know what the worst part is - the bank now knows about the fraud, as does the government and they have not done a single thing to this man. When they discovered that his social sercurity number was being used already (by the real person he took the number from) they ISSUED HIM A NEW NUMBER! And the best part is that he is a supervisor at the job he works and he makes more money than my husband does, and he never pays taxes on it.