Was ape the first man kind in the world?

February 14, 2007 11:22am CST
Ape, the appearance, the movement etc... looked like human being, can I say we are reformed from the ape?
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• India
14 Feb 07
Nope..definitely not..because the first living beings on earth were plants..then aquatic life..and slowly 4 legged animals.. Then due to mutation and evolution..the 4 legged animals started having smaller hind legs than the frontal ones..slowly they tended to bend upwards..i.e their backbones started growing longer and vertically.. And at one point of time..when they needed the help of their legs to obtain fruits from trees..they used their legs to do them..which slowly shifted its angle,elevation and arrangement into the slightly bent ape form.. But still the ape wasn't able to stand erect..and after that evolution took place leading to the state of present man..
• Singapore
20 Feb 07
Though the re-action of the apes' movement was rather slow than other animals. But the talent of the ape was much more higher than others and was quite close to human beings' intelligence.So as time past, the evolution took place, gradually, the apes naturalized being a human being. Don't you agreed with my feed back.