Dolphins and Humans Rescue Each Other

United States
February 14, 2007 2:29pm CST
How come when a human rescues a dolphin it's called "compassion," but when a dolphin rescues a human it's called an "instinct?"
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@luzamper (1358)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
Dolphin - A dolphin showing off.
Animals are not given brains as those of human beings. Accordingly, they live by instinct. They also don't have heart as that of the human being. And so usually, they act by instinct. But there should be a further study on these as we see animals using wisdom.
• United States
5 Mar 07
I don't agree. A dolphin's brain, like all primates, are 20% larger when compared to the rest of their organs. Also a dolphin's brain is physically larger than a human's brain.
@nadooa247 (1096)
• United States
15 Nov 08
Perhaps it has to do with the many instances in which a dolphin has saved/helped a human for no apparent reason. Like when a parent who hits the breaks "instinctively" sticks their arm to hold back the kid that is sitting next to them. No explanation for it really just is. I guess they are returning the favor to humanity when people help them lol... lets just agree to call it the underwaters world version of Karma.