How long after a first date...

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February 14, 2007 8:47pm CST
Once you have a first date how long do you wait until you call the other person. Should the guy be the first to call or is it ok for the woman? Is the morning after too soon? Would it make you seem desperate? What about a week, too long? Do you sit by the phone and wait on the phone call? Are you the one that tries to have the right amount of time so as not to seem desperate and at the same time to not seem uninterested? Me? Well, I recently had a first date that went extremely well. I was thrilled when he called the next morning! Now I am anxiously awaiting the next date! With our work schedules it doesn't look like it will happen until a week from tomorrow though!
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@crazynurse (7482)
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16 Feb 07
Hey it's the year 2007! Be a modern woman! Ha! Nah, I am a bit old fashioned and would not want to seem like I was desperate or chasing, but I don't see a problem with thanking the gentleman again! Also, I would think that it would be different for different situations. Since you can't see him for a week, drop a cute card in teh mail thanking him again (I'm assuming you said thank you at the end of the evening!Ha) and stating that you are looking forward to seeing him! Nothing wrong with that! Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
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15 Feb 07
Wow, you ARE anxious! In today's world, I think any of the above is acceptable. I am glad you had a wonderful time. Keep us posted!