Happiness Vs. Miserable

February 14, 2007 9:16pm CST
Well, see i was talking to a friend of mine today, he was upset because you cant make everyone happy... and he was miserable about it... This man is full grown, he should understand the way this world goes... I spent too many years making everyone else happy around me before i made myself happy. He knows that. I told him that you can't make everyone else happy first, you have to be happy first before making anyone else happy. Well, he called me selfish... And then took off... Well buddy, see here's how it goes. If your miserable, so are the people that care about you, if your happy, usually their happy for you. If your miserable your judgement is clouded, if your happy, you have a clear mind to make others happy. For me i make myself happy and my husband happy. Once we're happy it's onto the rest of my friends and family. Anyways my friend doesn't get this... and maybe he never will... How about some of your opinions... do you think that it's important for you to be happy before you make someone else happy or do you center your happiness on only being that way once you make everyone else happy?
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• Canada
15 Feb 07
actually, it's quite impossible to make someone happy when deep inside you're not happy yourself. and i don't think i'll waste any effort to make someone happy if my day sucks. i might probably spread some of my misery.
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@stibigirl (291)
• United States
15 Feb 07
One thing I have to say about this is that people need to be genuinely happy with themselves, or they really cannot contribute to anyone elses happiness. So in essence I would have to say yes, that you at least need to be content with yourself or you are not going to worry about others, but this is also a choice. Happiness is always relative to the way that you look at life, if you CHOOSE to look at everyday as if it were yesterday then you will never see the potential for new opportunities and new ways to feel better about yourself today. It took me years to realize this, I had bouts of depression and was angry for a long time, then I finally got it, that it was me the whole time that was causing the problem, it was the way that I looked at life. Happiness to everyone! :)
@smkwan2007 (1036)
• Hong Kong
15 Feb 07
When one is unhappy, their would enter the moment of depression. This may cause emotional problems. When a person is having problem, how can he or she be able to make those around them happy? So I agree with you view point. You have to be happy first, then you will wear big smiles on you face. And big smile is always the best media to help other people happy.
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• Panama
15 Feb 07
Sometimes feeling miserable will make us reflect on our ways of doing thing. On the other hand, been happy will make no change in us because we like our status quo. We as human like to be happy but happyness wouldn´t bring the best part of us, it is when we feel miserable that you see people thinking in how we can better our self as human beings, you might see the best part of you that never knew. Throughout the ages, the inventions are based in our necessity not in our happyness. So been miserable once in a while is part of our lives as humans, part of our emotions. Personally I don´t know of a person that never been miserable before.
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@Shaun72 (15964)
• Palatka, Florida
15 Feb 07
I agree it is better to be happy yourself before trying to make others happy. I leared this the hard way myself.