Is it really annoying when someone treat you like dumb?

February 14, 2007 9:18pm CST
I am annoyed when someone talk to me or answer my questions and make me feel that I am dumb. Why do some put comments with a statement that is kind of insulting. Maybe I am just paranoid thinking like this but did you experienced this? I am being sensitive maybe but this is the way I feel. Some people give comments to your discussion with something that tells you that I have a wrong opinion or tells me that I am stupid giving that opinion. Why do they have to do that when they can give their comments just enough for the topic and not adding insult.Are they playing intellectuals or superior than anybody?
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• Philippines
15 Feb 07
hi there.. well dont be sad about it.. people have different opinions and that's one thing that you have to be ready, not everone would have to agree with what you have to say, and we should respect that, i know its really annoying when they have to say things that insult us, but we dont have to defend too much. the least thing that you can do, is just thank them for the opinion, or just ignore hehehhe^_^ hope that helps a bit, just keep in mind that we have diffrent point of views, keep up your head up high, you dont owe them anything in the first place^_^ cheers and all the best.
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
Thank you very much Sheeniepie, i'm glad that there are people like you here in this forum that can mend someone's temper. You are right, I don't owe them. I only want to share ideas and opinions. Hope to find more like you here in this forum. I will take your advice. Thanks again.