Do like I think its a great site to store my files

@ediza02 (107)
February 14, 2007 9:59pm CST
I use multiply to store my photo and video files. Its a great site to store personal files. You can upload loads of photos and videos too..
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@CopyPaper (229)
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
I also have a multiply account. I store all my favorite photos down there. Here is my link maybe you might have time to visit the site for critique. Thanks
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
I find Multiply a very user friendly site. You can upload songs, playlist, photos and even videos. Aside from that you can make it your main diary or blog page. The best feature of multiply for me would be the reviews section where I put my movie, book and restaurant reviews and the recipe section where I post recipes Ive tried and tested. There's a lot of things you can dow ith your multiply page. Store files, make it your diary, your homepage or even your online store.
@kapoet (271)
• Indonesia
24 Feb 07
Yes. You're right. I have too. That's a good site. I can put the songs and share that to many people. They always happy, and I like that. I can post my blog, my pic and we can browse that just on one page. Nice...
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
I have a friendster account, and most of my friends are there. But I enjoy using more. It's easier to use, faster and provides good facilities for photo album and video uploading. Also, once I creat a blog entry there, I can just copy the text and photos and paste it on to my Friendster blog! Cool! I just wish more of my contacts will get a multiply account. Seems like they prefer friendster more. Perhaps because friendster has a more ego-boosting feature: the Testimonials section. hehehe
@thediesel (287)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
Hey I like multiply! Its a great way to stay connected, manage your own website, share ideas, music, photos, videos etc. They also have some templates designed to customize your own website. Right now, I'm expanding my multiply contacts. The more the merrier!
• United States
15 Feb 07
I will check this site out. Thanks for sharing. But even if I upload photos or files on an internet site...I always store them in CD's first incase something happens to the site online.
@ogtuwan (312)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
I have an account at but I havent opened it for a looooooooong time... thanx for reminding me.. I'll check it out later... Have a good day!
@klystron635 (1519)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
I have seen the site Our block use it as a url for additional informations for our upcoming seminars. My boyfriend use the site to make blogs and to share his photos and other personal files. I do think is a great site.