how would you cope with a mom who has nervous breakdown?

February 14, 2007 10:14pm CST
my mom had developed nervous breakdown when i was in grade 6. its terrible. and the worst part is; im my mom's "best friend" among us siblings. ( I just got thrown, an ecyclopedia and hit me straight my arm...ouch! that hurts!...i just got slapped and pointed finger straight to cat fight between mom and dad is inevitable. the week would cry if there is none. it was such a trauma in my part. i hated them and the situation i was in. those years i was at home was like "hell". i wondered when and how can i get out of this "mess". ..... looking back on those days made me wonder how it made me strong. It toughened me up. ..... Finally, i graduated college...there i renewed my once battered ego.. then i finished my bachelor's degree ... and now, apart from home.. earning my own keeps...and not anymore tied up with home's friction....i feel better. IF you were in my situation, how do you think can i better renew my ego..I said, i felt better..but unconsciously, there may still be some wounds at some corner left unhealed. If your a therapist or psychologist, pls make some helpfulr recommendation. Thanks
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