another scammer on the loose..

February 14, 2007 11:00pm CST
please if you happen to hear or encounter people offering LYSOZYME or any beauty products with such a weird name, dont believe them. my mom's been swindled for almost half a million because of this scam. im not saying this to boast or anything u might think of. im saying this to warn you people not to trust people you just met. this guys are proffesionals. they even have foreigner who goes with them and would encourage you to have transactions with them or make you buy something from them. this happened only last week. we have a furniture store, this guys just walked in our office inquiring some of our furniture. then told us that they're into exporting prawns and fishes abroad. They need this so called LYSOZYME for their business. So my mom being the natural businesswoman, she entertained the idea. my mom recalled just a week ago, before the walk in incident, another woman inquired also about the items we're selling. the woman told my mom she's in the trading business who sells different goods.. my mom with out even noticing how they are connected, didnt paid much attention for she was really enticed on how much many she can earned if she could get to have the LYSOZYME. recalling the incident about the woman who's into trading, she called her. telling the woman that she needs the lysozyme to be delivered in our house and the mode of payment would be cash on delivery. Here comes the delivery, my mom were told that trader ( woman ) would deliver 99 pieces of that so called lysozyme and ended up showing us just one piece. Just for sample purposes the woman said. My mom insisted for them to look for the rest 98 pieces for the foreigner already placed a P.O. the next day, the buyer showed up, pretending to be disappointed with only one box of lysozyme. the buyer even showed up 1 huge bagfull of money in payment for the 99 pieces lysozyme. the next day or a day after the woman trader showed up with the rest of 99 pieces of lysozyme. my mom being excited knowing she accomplished something and was about to get paid for the items, she called the foreigner and said i have the items already and where is the money. the foreigner told my mom that just wait because he's still in some place attending some business transaction. the trader upon hearing what my mom said, they insisted on paying atleast half of the price of what they delivered. for the mode of transaction is really COD. my mom gave them $10,000 and Php 5,000. after the payment was made and the goods were left to our house, we patiently waited for the foreigner to come by our house and pay us. for how long we waited, that i really cant remember anymore. we tried calling the foreigner's cellphone even his colleagues, when someone answered, they claimed that they've been robbed and were rushed to the hospital for they back fight with the robbers. in the end, all the money my mom gave to the woman ( trader ), were never the disappointed of what happened, we opened the boxes that worthed almost half a million, you know what's inside? cans of salt. we all just discovered, all along they knew each other and been scamming us all the time. i just hope guys that this wont happen to you. i suggest that after reading this post, tell this story to others. awareness is really the best prevention for this kind of scams. dont be decieved with the money they'll show you. they would present you business cards they their affiliated to this big companies abroad to make it really true ang believable. trust me people, dont!! the scarriest part is that they get to come in and out of our house freely, with our 2 babies at home with out knowing that their intentions is just to extort us some money. we were all thankful that they only get away with our money and nothing bad happened to us and specially and to our 2 babies at home. relay this story to others for it might help them in the future.
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@maribel1218 (3085)
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18 Feb 07
This is one informative discussion and If some myLot members who can read this will be benefit from this stories because they can armed themselves to scammer and not be fooled by them easily. Hope many members can read about this. Thanks for the important information you shared with us. Keep up the good work.
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