What is the difference between destiny and fate in life?

February 14, 2007 11:04pm CST
Some people live a tragic life. Others are so secured, they do not worry about tommorow. Destiny - events that are bound to happen when you meet a person who will either give you good luck or bad luck.
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• Philippines
15 Feb 07
In the Holy Bible, there's no such thing as destiny or fate. God gave us wisdom and free will. Having been given the wisdom, if we use it properly, we can exercise our free will to our advantage as we are given the freedom to choose. If we choose to do the right thing and God allows us, what happens will be good. In the same manner, if we choose the bad, naturally the outcome will be bad. Destiny or fate plays no role here. It's a matter of choice with the blessing of God and not destiny or fate.