have you experienced the change?

@meoasis (720)
February 15, 2007 1:46am CST
have you experienced the sudden change in your life through any medium that may be meeting with a new person,reading a book,helping others might be anything which made you feel alive,improved your personal life and helped get your goal it would really be a great experience to all of us to share this i hope you undrestood me now its your turn to say
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• Philippines
15 Feb 07
when i became older, i experienced changes which made me a better person. it made me more responsible and more aware of what i have to do, it also made me realized how lucky i am and how wonderful life is. when i was still a kid, i just kept on thinking that there should be more to life, but when i saw the real world, it made me realized a lot of things that made me a better person. :)
@meoasis (720)
• Nepal
15 Feb 07
i think people dont feel change in their life so they can be seen with same mentality always you said you found yourself a responsibe person and discovered how wonderful the life is that is really nice to hear from you it if you dont mind please state how you found that life was wonderful so that every one could share what you discovered in your life...