i caught my wife with one of my best friend but i enjoyed that.

February 15, 2007 2:26am CST
one night when i returned from my business trip and plan to surprise my love, she surprised me.when i eantred in house i heard some noisy voice from drawing room.i silently move there and found she is with my friend.they were kissing .i get angry but suddenly i surprised that i get exicted. i stayed in the corner and i feel as soon as they are moving to next phase ,i enjoyed it. when my friend left my house and a asked my wife about that she told she was missing me a lot and she was assuming me friend as me and she started making love with me. i am a happy married life.i don't understand this changing.do you feel i am abnormal?.
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15 Feb 07
you must have a very low opinion of yourself and your relationship, for any situation like that to be ok or exciting, if i caught my partner in a similar situation i would not be able to let them touch me again, only for the reason i wouldn't know who they were thinking about while we 'made love'!! i need to know i'm the only one who excites them and the only one who is in their thoughts!!... i pitty you