i don't want to lose him

@samiira (215)
February 15, 2007 4:11am CST
well,i've been freinds with guys i know for alittle while now and he and i have gotten very close.we have so much in common that it's completely crazy!"we've firted a lot,but never really got around to really"talking" to each other.lately,he has told me that he is seriuosly thinking abt going to join the army reserve .i'm happy that he is screaming and crrying out"no don't go!" i've developed some very intense feelings for him and as far as i know he likes me too.thing is ,i don't know how much and i don't know wether or not to tell hin exactly how i feel. i don't want to wait untill it's too late though.what do i do??
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