My life almost ended.

@shomomo (850)
February 15, 2007 5:29am CST
I've had a Near-death-experience yesterday - I drank enough alcohol to forget everything that happened that day. After I've heard that my friends rushed me to the hospital and that I almost died of intoxication, I will never drink again and I suggest you to do the same - everyone who wants to drink in order to have more confidence should really ask himself if he's not just using something that blurs his mind and by that he is blurring his personality. We should really change ourselves instead of looking for substances that can "magically" change us for the better.
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15 Feb 07
You must have drank way beyond your limit. It's not up to you to suggest that no one drink. Many people know their limits and can drink responsibly. Some will even say that drinking in small mederate amounts may even be beneficial to your health. I'm sorry you had such a bad day that you felt the need to drink that much and get totally wasted, maybe next time you should call a friend and talk to them instead of turning towards the bottle.
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15 Feb 07
If you are under 18 then you had no business drinking to begin with and that my dear friend is your own stupidity kicking in! And in the united states you actually have to be 21 to purchase and consume alcholic drinks.
@Ina926 (172)
• United States
31 Jul 08
Hi shomomo, I just have a question to ask you. What made you think that drinking was going to change you for the better? Do me a favor, next time you are with your drinking buddies look around you and see what drinking does to a person.
@Lunerian (493)
• Sweden
15 Feb 07
That was a good lesson.