Discrimination in salary at work in UAE

United Arab Emirates
February 15, 2007 6:45am CST
Hi friends, it seems to me that in UAE particularly in Dubai the salaries are fixed as per the nationality of a person. for example a European gets the highest pay, the next are the arabs and last the Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi or Phillipinos. For example in My company I have a Lebanese collegue who have nil experiance in our industry but are getting same salary as me( I have 11 yrs experiance). My collegues, does not know to read or write in english and even not highschool educated. I really feel pity for myself. Also my Boss gets triple my salary(he is a European). With this I really feel like leaving the job and go back to India. I would like to know the experiance of you guys, who are living in UAE or comments from others.
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@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
27 Dec 08
Its absolutely true. They judge on peoples nationality and not in the degree or talent of the person. Arabs give companies to other people for going or proper working but the new boss itself is an uneducated person and gets the maney himself giving least to the workers. My boss was illetrate and i am an engineer, he gets much more than me and what else... I have to call him boss.GREAT.
@pearl1003 (670)
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
Yes it's sad to know that. Well, I've been in Dubai before and ive met indians who hav high educational background but are working as car lifters. More than that, I myself have gone to college, and nobody hired me maybe because, I'm a Filipino. It's sad to know that there is discrimination in Dubai, but im not that worried. I'm sure that discrimination happens all around the world.
• Philippines
4 Jul 08
good day.. I totally agree. Salaries should be based on how good and how experienced a worker is. Sadly, we can't demand it on the employer specially of other countries. Unfortunately leave it or take it is the general rule.
• Canada
29 Jun 08
Thanks for sharing your experience in Dubai. I have not been there but are curious about the fast economic development in recent years. People should be paid by their skills, contribution, and talents. Such practice, pay according to nationality will surely draw a lots of resentment. Also, how do they make people work wholeheartedly for the companies if they are treated unfairly? No respect.
@raredog (743)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
That is one sad story my friend. Your employer paid you because of your nationality and not by your knowledge or education background? That is pure descrimination. Yes I think you better go back to India or find another employer. A good one.