Discriminating Africa

February 15, 2007 7:15am CST
I have read alot of your discussions and i haven't yet read one from someone who lives in Africa. I live in Africa in a country called Zambia to be precise. I know alot of people haven't heard about it and most generally assume africa is one big country excluding south africa. it is not true. Nor is it tru that all african countries are deserts and shanty compunds. what they show u on cnn and bbc and all these movies is just the part of africa they want u to see. Granted Zambia is not a USA or Italy or whatever and although we may be beleived to be one of the poorest countries in the world, we aren't as bad as they make it seem. You would be amazed to see we have schools that rival even the better schools in theses 1st world countries. we have buildings and parks and streets and airports and we even drive the latest models of cars. my point being don't base your opinions on african countries on what u see on tv. it's mostly untrue. And i personally don't like it one bit.
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@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
15 Feb 07
Welcome Bubblejay, and congratulations on a very informative post. I've traveled extensively but I've never been to Zambia, and you're right about the picture most people have about Africa. Good luck amd keep the quality posts coming.
• Zambia
25 Jun 07
lol! You couldn't say it any better, mipen2006: keep the qaulity posts coming! I am also from Zambia and I have enjoyed myLot™ a lot and have not seen or experienced what bubblejay is brooding about. The only deficit is that there is low exp[osure to most of my folks. And most of them cannot even engage in debates. Just chek how our country is run. The masses just go on about life, undecided about their destiny!
@nickventere (1423)
• Zambia
25 Jun 07
Oh dear Bubblejay, I beg to disagree with u that any1 is discriminating Africa. There's spans of different nationalities here. I joined 7 months ago, but I have also not met an active Zambian, sadly, becoz most of them are either unable to have access to longer-time online presence or are just damn not conversation. A case in point, I must say, is your post. It is not conversational but reeks of some inferiority complex and your own perception of what or how other people perceive Africa to be. I think it is not true that most people think Africa is all but a shanty. I can even point it out in you when you say that "we have schools that rival the better schools in these 1st world countries". It just shows what a narrow perception of the 1st world is. The likes of you paint Africa what it is. You think the 1st world has no slums like Mtendere and Misisi in Lusaka, Zambia! That is inferiority complex of the worst kind. And you are jut defining yourself. Anyhow, I won't get into it much. Let's have cool and informative discussions. Welcome to myLot™, my dearest fellow Zambian! Enjoy myLot™. By the way, we can be friends and come up with great discussions here.