whats some of the wirdest restraunts you have been to?

February 15, 2007 8:12am CST
whats the weirdest place you have been and what have you eaten. the weirdest restaurant i have been to served kangaroo burgers it was quite disgusting as i had just came back from my holiday in australia and where i live you wouldnt realy expect to find that sort of food in my area. My dad had a kangaroo burger and you can all guess what he said 'tastes like chicken' after that i still didnt fancy trying it.
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• United Arab Emirates
9 Mar 07
Ruan Thai a Thai Restaurant in Middle East, offers a speciality of some sort similar to a Pan eaten in India and Pakistan. Only the filling in the Pan is minutely chopped garlic, coconut, dried prawns, a sticky sweet red liquid, lemons, very hot red chillies and peanuts. All these are wrapped together in a leaf and eaten. This is their Starter and their sweet dish was Icecream balls coated with flour and coconut.