law or medicine??

February 15, 2007 9:46am CST
I heard this debate on radio one time and the topic is: "which is harder to study? law? or medicine?". the debate went around law and med students saying that in thier field, there is always something new to study, it is a never ending learning process. on another area they talked about law and or medicine being analyses with memorization, still in another they said theirs' is harder becaus it deals with people and saving lives... i dont know, for me i think medicine is much harder, the load, this is because i am more exposed to these kinds of people, ive seen how and how long they've studied and i must say, i cant believe it. what do you say? which is harder? being a law student or a medicine student?
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• Philippines
17 Feb 07
if you want prestige and power, go for law.. if you want money, go for medicine, particularly Nursing.